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1 single monthly subscription

39.99€ PT

+ commissions

  •  No term commitment
  •  Unlimited number of products in your catalog
  •  Free setting of shipping costs and delivery methods
  •  Subscription offered if your sales do not exceed 50 € *
  •  Connections with the most important flow integrators on the market

Commission rate grid applicable from March 30, 2019
Commission calculation rule = (Sales price incl. VAT + Shipping costs) x Category commission rate

The commissions due for each sale of Product made on Cdiscount Marketplace, amount to 15% (1), except:

  • categories of Products listed in the table below for which the commission rates mentioned are applied; and Non-new Products (used, reconditioned, etc.) for which a 2% increase in the commission rate applies compared to the rate applicable for New Products of the same product category.

For your information, as a seller on our Cdiscount marketplace platform, you are required to register in France and are liable for VAT with the French tax authorities in a number of cases, notably in the following:

  • Your activity is established in France and you send goods to French customers from France and your total annual sales exceed € 82,800 across all sales channels; or
  • Your activity is established in a country of the European Union, other than France; and the total of your annual sales shipped to customers in France exceeds € 35,000; or
  • Your activity is established outside of France, but you have stock in France and ship orders from France.

Payment in several installments (4 times) is offered to customers on the website, including Marketplace orders.
Thus, customers can choose to take advantage of the websites payment facilities for their purchases.
When a customer chooses the method of payment in several installments, the order in question includes the line “”Payment facilities””, which corresponds to the amount of the management fees collected by the website for the management of the payment. The fees applied are as followed:
– The payment facilities are the charges invoiced to the customer. These fees are paid to you at the same time as the product. Then, Cdiscount deducts them at the same time as the commission. They have no financial impact for you.
– The 4X payment fees are the fees invoiced to the seller. They are deducted from your payments at the same time as the commission and appear on the order as a second commission.

Calculate the commission rate on your products

Commission rate

Choose a product type:

Choose a universe:


Simulator for information only and subject to rate changes. Cdiscount debits the customer once the order is accepted by you. As soon as the sale is made and the shipment confirmed, Cdiscount transfers the earnings every 10 days.

Questions fréquentes

Cdiscount Marketplace is a marketplace that lets professional sellers sell their new or used products to private or professional buyers on the website.

So as to ensure customers get the same level of quality of service as that offered currently by Cdiscount, sellers have to commit to a number of things that you can read about more in detail here and which are monitored by quality indicators available constantly in the Seller Area.

Very simple: you just go through the steps set out on our registration form via this link here. To find out more about what documentation to provide, please click on this link.

Initially, an account manager will support you during your first month to familiarize you with how our marketplace works. You can also contact our sales support team either by phone or by raising a support request ticket in your Seller Area on the website. We also offer webinars hosted by our teams and online help articles.

You can sell almost any type of product on Cdiscount Marketplace! You'll find a list of them on this page.

Please note however that certain categories of products are prohibited from being sold on our marketplace. You'll find these products listed in our Charter of Best Practice

Once you've submitted your registration form you'll be able to download your product catalogue and/or your ads in your Seller Area.
All you have to do is enter your available stock, product condition (new or used), and then set your own selling prices. Once your registration is validated and your account activated, you can then list your ads online, and they'll then appear on the site and will be visible to customers.
You can either do everything via your Seller Area or go through our API.

The monthly subscription is * €39.99 EXC. VAT to sell to our private and professional customers on

Your subscription will take effect as soon as you complete the registration process. The monthly subscription payments are deducted from the earnings you make from selling on the site and are due on the 1st of each month.
Cdiscount also charges a commission on each sale made on the site at varying rates depending on the product category. (See the rates tab)

Your payment will therefore consist of :
- Income from sales
- Less commissions
- Less subscription
= Payment of the balance.

Cdiscount also ads Premium Subscription to access additional services to increase the visibility of your ads and to reach a wider audience. You can find out more about these Premium Subscriptions here.

If you want to sell only to private individuals, simply uncheck the Publish option in the Subscriptions section of your store settings.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Registration does not involved any commitment. Contact us through your Seller Area to cancel your account. Termination takes effect at the end of the final month
Caution: your Seller Area will remain accessible for 3 months, during which you must continue to manage the relationship with your customers.

Cdiscount charges the customer once the order is accepted by you. As soon as the sale is completed and the shipment confirmed, Cdiscount remits proceeds from sales every 10 days.

To receive payment for your sales, you must :
– have a positive balance on your Cdiscount Seller account (please be aware that any customer claims, and any refunds you make in connection with these claims, will affect your balance).
- have entered valid bank account details in your Seller account.

As soon as you submit your registration form, you'll receive your login details to connect to your Seller Area. Then go to the Settings/Your Personal And Banking Data/Connection Settings and you will find your connection settings to the API. Learn more about our API website.

The Seller interface allows you to manage all your operations on the Cdiscount Marketplace:

– Creation and customization of your Cdiscount shop
- Catalogue management (integration of products for sale in the Cdiscount catalogue and update of your stock)
– Management of orders placed by customers
- Tracking your key indicators
– Customer Relationship Management
- Accounting tracking (billing and payments)
- Fulfilment tracking

When a customer places an order for one of your products, you'll receive an email informing you of the order. You must then process it within 2 business days. You can easily manage your orders (accept or refuse any order, manage refunds, confirm shipment of products, process customer requests and complaints) via the Orders tab of your Seller Area or via the API.

You have a guide detailing the buyer-Seller relationship in your Seller Area. (add in link to the Seller)

In the case of a sale to a professional customer, the latter does not benefit from a withdrawal period. The return policy is therefore at the discretion of the professional Seller.

Customer ratings let you collect reviews about your shop and thus build confidence with future buyers. Customers are strongly encouraged to leave feedback and comments after ordering from partner sellers.

This must be configured in your Seller Area. All your orders must be processed from the country you wish to choose as your shipping country. If you ship from multiple countries, you need to set the country with the longest shipping time (e.g. if you ship 90% from France and 10% from China, you need to declare China as shipping country).

You can set your shipping country in the Settings tab of your Seller Area and then select Your Personal And Banking Data from the drop-down menu. When you are on this page select the Commercial Information tab and then on this page there is a shipping country settings section.

Whether your clients are professionals or individuals, revenues generated through Cdiscount Marketplace must be reported to the relevant tax authorities.

Furthermore, income may be subject to social security contributions and membership of a social security scheme.

Please refer to the relevant information sheets provided by the relevant tax authorities to find out more about rules applicable to tax declarations, declaration of business activities, and the payment of any social security contributions:

Tax obligations: [(in respect of French tax, but you must consult the relevant rules applicable in your own tax jurisdiction)]
Social security obligations: [(in respect of French social security declarations, but you must consult the relevant rules applicable in your own social security authorities as applicable)]

These obligations apply to platform users resident in France or who make sales or services in France under and for the purposes of Articles 258 to 259 D of the French General Tax Code.

Please note that failure to comply with these obligations will result in penalties.

This is just to remind you of your obligations. We would strongly encourage you, where necessary, to obtain professional help to assist you in complying with your legal obligations.