Accelerate your development with

More than ten years of experience in logistics at your service: :

  • Storage, wrapping and dispatch of your products
  • Returns and customers relations management
  • Management of your CDiscount orders and of all your sales platforms

How does the Cdiscount Fulfilment service work?

You outsource the management of your logistics so that you can concentrate on the heart of your profession.

What are the advantges of using the Cdiscount Fulfilment service?

As well as letting you optimise your logistics, there are numerous other advantages granted by our solution:

Accelerate your sales

  • “Cdiscount à Volonté” tag on your products (discover all the advantages)
  • Offers eligible for our most loyal customers thanks to the search filter
  • Enhanced visibility of your products on our site, and a spotlight on you during commercial events
  • Privileged support from a team of experts in logistics

Improve your profitability

  • Manage only your sales and your stocks on a daily basis for all your sales platforms
  • Fee schedules among the most attractive on the market
  • Partner offers to support you with packaging
  • Advance payment for your sales*

Increase your customer satisfaction

  • 100% of delivery modes unblocked (home, express and at collection points)
  • Over 10 years of experience in logistics coupled with a strong culture of innovation
  • “Logistical” customer service guaranteed in 24h maximum
  • Reduction of claims linked to the delivery of your products and increase in positive opinions

Dispatch on all your platforms

  • A single stock for all your sales sites
  • In France and in more than 20 European countries
  • Competitive rates
  • Management of support for logistical matters

By using our Fulfilment service, you will benefit from an average increase of +80% in sales volume* on our site!


Contact our services directly

Do not hesitate to fill in our contact form to be contacted by one of our logistics experts and benefit from privilaged support during your launch


Select your products

Your Fulfilment expert is at your service to accompany you as you select the products you wish to entrust us with. You will also be supported as you carry out your first packaging, and numerous tools available on your seller space will be presented to you.


Preparation and dispatch

Once your training is complete and your supply order has been placed, we will provide you with all the documents required for the proper delivery of your products. All packaging types (parcel, pallet) are possible provided they respond to the requirements listed in our specification, which will be given to you by your Filfilment expert.


Receipt and integration of your products

You can follow the progress of your different packagings from your seller space. Once your products have been placed in storage, we will take care of everything for each of your orders, from preparing your orders to delivery, and even customer relations if required.

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Fulfilment rates

Our rates can be divided into two main catagories and are invoiced to you every ten days when your sales are paid.

You will find the rates applicable to the orders placed on CDiscount below. For orders from other sales platforms, please click here.

Storage fees

Our storage rates are based on the rotation of your products. The amounts shown are before tax for one (1) cubic metre for a period of one month.

Type Description Rate before tax/m³/month
Express < 2 weeks 0€
Standard 2 weeks < X ≤ 3 months 10€
Delicate < 3 months 15€

Dispatch fees

Our dispatch fees are calculated according to the type of your products (small or large products), their weight and/or their volume.

Small Products (Products <30Kg or size <2M)

2.10€ Prices excluding Taxes per Package*

Select the weight range

99g 30kg
Products greater than(1.5m à 2m) + 2,00€

* rates in effect on this date

Large Products (Products >30Kg or Size >2M)

Catégories Tarif HT par colis
<0,65M3 >0,65M3
Canapés / Meubles 29,90€ 34,90€
Gros électroménager 19,90€ 29,90€
Mobilier de jardin / Jeux extérieurs 19,90€ 29,90€
Literie 14,90€ 29,90€
Autres 14,90€ 24,90€
Hors Gabarits (3m à 4m) 5€
Hors Gabarits (4m à 5m) 10€
Hors gabarits > 5m 15€

Multi-site orders

Are you interested in our Fulfilment service to deliver your other sales platforms too? Consult our dedicated page by clicking on the button below.

Frequently asked questions

Thanks to our experience as an e-merchant and our efficient logistics system, including over 500 000 sqm of storage, robotization, packaging, transport, our Fulfilment service puts the power of Cdiscount logistics' services at complete disposal.
You supply our warehouses with products for sale and we take care of the rest: storage, preparation, packaging, deliveries, returns and Customer Relationship Management.

* Increased visibility of your ads with our Shipped By Cdiscount branding.
• You no longer have to supply each and every customer individually and can consolidate your shipments to a single delivery address (one of our warehouses).
* Time saved on organizing deliveries that frees you up to focus on selling.
• Orders received on all your sales platforms can be delivered in France and Europe.
* Access to 100% of Cdiscount delivery methods (collection points, Cdiscount express and home-delivery)
* Eligibility of your products for the Cdiscount On-Demand Loyalty Program (products under 30 kg and 3D perimeters (L+W+D) under 2 m)
* Customer returns management during the withdrawal period by Cdiscount
• Subscription- and registration-free service.

You can register by filling out the contact form available here.

No, you can outsource all or part of your logistics and associated Customer Relationship Management. You can discuss this all with the Cdiscount Fulfilment team and agree together on which type of products are most profitable for you.

This will depend on product category. At Cdiscount there are 2 categories :

* Small products (Weight < 30 kg and (length + width + depth) < 2 M). These will be stored at our logistics centre in Cestas (Dept: 33). * Bulky products (Weight > 30 kg or with 3D perimeters (length + width + depth) > 2 M). They will be stored at either of our two centres at Andrezieux (Dept:42) and Saint Mard (Dept 77) in France.

Our modern buildings feature quality and automated preparation, packaging and shipping processes. All operations are traced and tracked in real-time. All our staff has significant experience in e-commerce logistics. The sites are also all secure and have 24-hour security personnel.

We process items from 0 to 180 kg. The maximum 3D perimeter (length + width + height) is 5 metres. However, certain types of products subject to specific regulations will not be accepted, for example, those which are flammable or contain alcohol. Please contact the sales department if you sell products with any special characteristics.

Your order is treated as a Cdiscount order.
During periods of high demand, you get the benefit of Cdiscount's logistics capabilities with its 24/7 warehousing.

Sales on Cdiscount :

Delivery modes are as per the Cdiscount site, namely :
– For products under 30 kgs: and 2m in 3D perimeters: collection points, home delivery, express delivery.
– for products over 30 kg and 2m 3D perimeter: large parcel relay point delivery and home delivery are available (at the bottom of the building/at home /at home + residential building).
Delivery times will be those corresponding to the delivery method chosen by your customer.

Sales made on another platform :

For an order placed on an external Marketplace or on your site, delivery will be made to the customer's home within 5 working days.
Available delivery modes:
– for products under 30 kgs and 2m 3D perimeter: standard delivery in France and Europe
- We will shortly be starting up an express service for orders placed in France.

For orders placed on Cdiscount
We deliver to Metropolitan France/Corsica/Monaco, but also Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

For orders placed on another platform
We deliver not only in France but in also more than 20 European countries. Click here to learn more. (LP external commands)

Yes, with our external ordering service, you can use our Fulfilment solution to ship your products across all your sales platforms. You send us the order information and we manage all the preparation, shipping, and support on anything to do with logistics for you. Please find all the information on our dedicated page here. (LP external commands)

Yes, once your products have the Cdiscount Fulfilment label, they will gain visibility through a specific filter (Shipped by Cdiscount). What's more, they will also enjoy Free Shipping promotion where eligible (basket value of over €25).

Within your Seller Area, you have access to your own dedicated logistics management interface. This lets you check your products, track your stock level, identify your top-sellers etc.
Our Cdiscount Fulfilment advisors will also be available to assist you in your marketplace business.

*Study conducted from January to December 2019 on a representative panel of products before and after using the Cdiscount Fulfilment service.